Advantages of Being a Marriage Counselor

There are many advantages of being a marriage counselor and one of many is that you get to meet different kinds of people. There is a very much chance that being a marriage counselor will make you adaptive because, you will be counselling a lot of people who will have different traditions and who will have different cultural values and, in this ways, you will be able to learn about different things and different people and how their marriage should work and you will be able to come up with different ideas to improve their marriage. When you will be able to help people and knowing that they are happily married now, you will get the best feeling in the world that you saved someone married life which was on the verge of being broken apart.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics and global career development, the freshly grad marriage counselor can earn 67,000 AED per year and a pro marriage counselor earns more than 250,000 AED per year which means on daily basis, the marriage counselor makes a lot of money. People say that they don’t see marriage counselors much in the market, the answer to that question is that usually marriage counselors work online or what you can say as a freelancer. There are different marriage counselors who also work for the govt medical health centers which means that some insurances also cover marriage counselling as well. And different studies of Bureau of Labor Statistics and global career development showed that from 2015 to 2019, 19 percent of more marriage counselors have been increased in the market. You can get couples therapy in Dubai and hire a psychologist in Dubai.

Another benefit of being a marriage counselor is that you can open your own business, when you have had your license, you can open your own clinic and you can open a clinic at your home which means that you can work from home as well which means that you have flexible working hours and there is no restriction. Even if you don’t have a clinic of your own and you work in someone’s clinic as an employee, still you get less people coming in every day. Being a marriage counselor means that you will also be able to treat people who have psychological problems because when you get the degree of marriage counseling, you study psychology as well.

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