Importance of being prepared at all times

To be the best dental doctor in Sharjah, a dentist will need to be ready from the word go to cater to patients from various backgrounds. Similarly it takes good interpersonal skills to be considered the best  gynecologist in Sharjah.

Functionality of dentist: A dental doctor focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of tooth anomalies like tooth cavities, decaying and root canals and also other diseases of the oral cavity. The job of a dentist is to diagnose oral diseases of many kinds and also increase awareness of patients to look out for their oral health by not regularly brushing the teeth but also use  correct techniques in doing so. A good dentist is one who can show the art of flossing correctly as most people fear the idea of flossing their teeth. Dentists also perform surgical procedures on the teeth. They conduct a series of X-rays the purpose being is to identify the tooth that needs to have a root canal.

When to visit the dentist: When an individual feels discomfort in the teeth, which probably goes undetected unless the individual eats an ice cream or drinks cold soft drinks. While brushing the teeth, the gums bleed which calls for an immediate visit to the dentist. In case of a major accident such as falling on the face can lead to severe disfigurements. For such incidences a major surgical procedure has to be carried out.

The job of a gynecologist: A gynecologist is a professional who specialize in the areas of women’s health, with primary emphasis on the female reproductive system. They have to deal with a range of medical and surgical subjects of a female’s reproductive health which includes pregnancies and childbirth, menstruation and fertility issues, and various hormonal disorders arising from imbalance in different age groups.

Importance of emotional intelligence: The topic of a female’s reproductive is considered to be a taboo especially in a Muslim dominated society. This discourages women from going to gynecologists. This is why it is imperative that gynecologists should have good emotional understanding of their patients and encourage them to speak out. Keeping in mind the hospital needs to comply with the laws of the UAE as it should be mandatory that females should be visiting a female gynecologist doctor for their own comfort.

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