Things you need to know about depression

Depression has become most common disorder among world but still due to lack of awareness it is ignored. Even in under developed countries it is not taken seriously and so the patients commit suicide just due to lack of treatment. If you are suffering from stress or depression then you must go for its treatment. So if you are suffering from depression then you must go for psychotherapy in Dubai. So you must find the best psychiatrist in Dubai for your treatment. But before this you must get complete information about depression. So you must read this article for your information.

What is depression?

It is common and serious mental disorder in which the person thinks about negatively about the things and he becomes over stressed and the most complicated form of depression is dementia. Although, dementia is itself a disease but it is also associated with depression. When persons passes difficult situation in his life and he can not bear the situation there then gradually he starts taking stress and when this stress become uncontrolled then it becomes depression. So it can lead to various emotional and physical problems and sometimes the persons feel emptiness.


There are different signs and symptoms of depression but the worst thing about depression is that other persons can not see the symptoms in the patient. It is only patient who can experience these symptoms can tell to his loved ones. These symptoms are:

  • Loss of interest from daily activities of life
  • Change in the appetite. Hence the phenomenon varies from person to person as some persons an feel less hunger than before and some persons can feel more hunger than before. So it can be determined by the abnormal change in hunger than normal routine.
  • Abnormal change in sleep: some persons sleep more than usual and some persons find difficulty to sleep
  • Restlessness:  the persons always remain in the state of restlessness
  • Impaired thinking ability: in depression the thinking ability of persons is highly impaired
  • Loss of energy: it is the most common phenomenon in depression as the body language of person is changed in depression and his energy level is lowered to great extent.
  • Suicidal thoughts: these are the most common thoughts that the depressed persons have to face. In some cases, they also commit suicide and they have feelings of guilty every time.
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