Your instinct is what got you where you are. Your ability to find new insights will keep you there. Let us provide you with a new type of data, metrics actually, born of contemporary science designed to reveal why people engage and how to predict their next move. 


Why do your customers engage?

MotiveMetrics empowers marketers with 'why' insight, revealing the motivations of any audience so you can trigger desired behavior. 



Jump-start decision making with MotiveMetrics



Our application measures over 100 motivations to provide a comprehensive profile of why your customers engage


All data capture and analysis is automated meaning you don't have to wait days or weeks for insight

Cost Effective

By leveraging science and technology, we provide a broader scope of understanding at a fraction of the cost



Move people down the path to purchase

MotiveMetrics allows to you to better personalize the customer journey, boosting conversion rates, brand loyalty, and revenue.