Uncover customer motivations in minutes

Every person has motivations that drive their day-to-day behavior. MotiveMetrics is a motivation analysis application that reveals why people engage and how best to move them towards whatever you are selling. 


Understand why and improve ROI 

MotiveMetrics provides actionable insight that's proven to enhance marketing program performance metrics; create greater awareness, improve brand engagement, increase sales and derive better customer lifetime value.


Why Data. Trait Data. Better Data. 

MotiveMetrics utilizes over 60 years of psychology research and machine learning to capture trait data, a new type of quantitative data that reveals the motivations of any audience. 




Actionable insight to trigger behavior 

Drive the engagement that leads to sales by aligning your marketing strategy with motivations.

MotiveMetrics provides words, phrases and images that are proven to trigger desired behavior in customers,  based on motivations. 

What makes us different? 

By providing granularity of individual differences with speed and accuracy, our clients achieve significant ROI.


MotiveMetrics delivers a deeper understanding of why your customers engage



All data capture and analysis is automated meaning you don't have to wait days or weeks for insight


More Cost Effective

Leverage science and technology to gain a broader scope of insight at a fraction of the cost