Types of hazardous situations

There are different situations which workers could be involved in risking their lives and not even knowing it. This is the reason that Nebosh IGC course in Abu Dhabi is considered a necessity for workers so that they can take care of their own lives efficiently. Here we have listed down all the situation where the danger lies:

  • Material laid out across the floor which can cause tripping or blocked pathway can be one of the troublesome situations.
  • Working on any kind of height can be dangerous, medium wouldn’t matter in such case than if it’s ladder, roofs, scaffolds or anything else.
  • Electricity spread out when working at the side of electrical department and sometimes even at plain site where bare wires and cords could be left unattended.
  • Confined spaces where there could hardly be an exit or if a worker is claustrophobic.
  • While lifting load or managing machinery which needs to be inspected with lifting accessories inspection.

Next up is the biological hazard which you could always be surrounded with and exposed to even while working or not working with the team on certain case. Listing down all the biological hazards which you could be potentially surrounded with:

  • Corona virus/covid-19
  • Poisonous plants. 
  • Wild or dangerous animals.
  • Insect bites and many more.

There are different physical hazards which you can be targeted by even without knowing until you are too far gone.

  • Radiations emitting from certain machinery such as microwaves or radio waves etc which can have some serious negative impacts later on.
  • Extreme high or low temperatures which are often involved in construction and necessary to carry out certain processes. A safe distanced should be maintained from such places or areas.
  • Noise pollution is another thing which won’t have a physical impact but will surely matter in long term mental stability.

Physical impact you will surely and constantly have when working on some construction but often they are hard to determine until you are too far gone. There could be different reasons of strains and ache in your body, such as, frequent lifting, improper movements, repetition of same pose using too much force and vibration and maintaining a pose for longer than expected. Sometimes lifting equipment lifted wrongly could also have the same impact. People need to be extra careful about it.